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BJRR is very active in maintaining communication with people who are involved with them in the railroad.

But it’s also very important to communicate all aspect concerning safety guidelines for the general public, because railroad activity through BJRR in the city of Tijuana is part of their daily lives. To better target and deliver this important information, BJRR did a survey of what is the perception in general that Tijuana residents have of the railroad.

A good 96% of people surveyed said that they were aware of the existence of a railroad in their city. This is a clear reflection that BJRR communication through social and other media outlets is hitting the target.

27% of those surveyed acknowledged that LPG was transported, 9% said petroleum products, 5% lumber and 2% said grains were imported into Mexico.

All agreed on the importance of having a railroad in the city. 36% said this is due to the commodities that are transported, 16% mentioned quick delivery times and 11% thought it is an economic way of transporting products.


All along the Tijuana Tecate Short Line that is operated by BJRR, safety and warning signs are present as a preventive measure for traffic accidents. But still many people don’t take necessary precautions to avoid them.

The following are simple safety guidelines that can be very helpful when you’re near a train:


BJRR has the firm commitment of maintaining all residents of the Tijuana Tecate area informed on how to prevent accidents.