For the first time in 100 years BJRR transports diesel fuel into Mexico | Baja Railroad
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After nearly 3 years of talking to potential customers, planning, permitting and business development today, diesel fuel was imported into Mexico via The Tijuana-Tecate Short Line by BJRR.

“It has been a long procedure but we finally got it done”, said BJRR CEO Roberto Romandia when interviewed by the media today at Tijuana Station. “Since the beginning of Mexico’s Energy Reform, rail transportation was mentioned as one of the most viable options for cost efficient logistics. And though fuel has been imported into the Baja region by sea, this is a first”.

This Wednesday June 27th around 10 am, ten tank cars with 30,000 gallons of diesel each, made their way into Mexico. It is important to mention, Jet Fuel and Gasoline are not far from being imported as well.

Romandia mentioned that along with the cost of the fuel molecule, the exchange rate and importation taxes, freight cost has a key participation on the total cost matrix that involves importing fuel into Mexico, which is why freight by rail is a good option for importers.

In the case of these 10 tank cars, the origin was the state of Texas. Several refineries in the area have very competitive prices and have begun to sell fuel to Mexican entities.

“We are ready to transport whatever the current demand of all types of fuel the Baja region requires, and are sure that we can produce savings that in the long run will lower cost for final users”, commented Romandia when asked of the BJRR’s readiness to transport fuel into Mexico.

Roberto Romandia final comments were that BJRR has all the permits required by CRE, SENER and SCT to transport fuel into Mexico, and has all the necessary infrastructure and equipment for this specific operation.