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Ave. Ferrocarril #1,
Col. Libertad Parte Baja
Tijuana, Baja California C.P. 22300
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Baja California Railroad (BJRR) manages the operation of the Tijuana-Tecate short line, working in collaboration with ADMICARGA, a decentralized entity of the Government of the State of Baja California, which since 1999 has the concession of the short line by the Federal Government.

We have direct connection to the northwest on the San Ysidro CA, port of entry to the United States through the San Diego Imperial Valley (SDIY), conecting with BNSF Railway in downtown San Diego, a Class 1 railroad.

To the northeast BJRR will connect with Union Pacific (UP) thorough the “Desert Line”, achieving a complete connectivity for our binational region, allowing us us to operate almost 5,000 railcars per year, increasing every year.


To provide a railway transportation services to both sides of the California borders, providing a high-quality, safe, efficient and reliable service that contributes to strengthen the connectivity and competitiveness of Baja California.


To become the best option for the transport of heavy cargo, offering logistic solutions for the industrial activity of Baja California, increasing our railway infrastructure by building new railways and trans loading stations according to the market demand.



• Baja California Railroad becomes the operator of the Short Line Tijuana-Tecate.


• The head of administration of Baja California Railroad is constituted.


• Financial support is received from the Federal Government for the rehabilitation of the Short Line, as well as the construction of the Garcia Station and the remodeling of the Tijuana Station.


• The track’s rehabilitation and two of our stations reach their completion.
• The administrative and corporate offices of Baja California Railroad and ADMICARGA are built at the Tijuana Interchange Station.
• The Matanuco Bridge is rehabilitated.
• The first phase of the new Garcia Transloading Station is being built.
• 2.5 kilometers from the Short Line Tijuana-Tecate highway is rehabilitated.
• The Tunnel 3 undergoes maintenance and becomes open sky.


• An agreement is signed with the endorsement of MTS for the rehabilitation and operation of the Desert Line.
• The remodeling of Tijuana Interchange Station and the Garcia Transloading Station reach their completion.
• The second and final phase of the new Garcia Transloading Station is being built.
• The Tecate Bridge is rehabilitated.
• 11 kilometers of the Short Line Tijuana-Tecate are rehabilitated.
• The PK8 spur is built.
• Five spurs and a perimeter fence are built at the Tijuana Station.


• The parking lot of Tijuana Interchange Station is paved.