Baja California Rail Road (BCRR) will rehabilitate railroad tracks in Tijuana | Baja Railroad
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With the purpose of bringing certainty to the citizens and the clients, the Baja California Rail Road (BJRR) Company will rehabilitate the railroad tracks in Tijuana, improving the quality to allow a better use of its facilities for a safest transport of goods.

BJRR Company’s Controller, Manuel Hernandez Garcia explained that construction work about security and rail quality will be done during this year, always thinking “in the responsibility we have with the community as a safe mode of transportation, and the responsibility we have with our clients that entrust us with their goods so we can reach a destination.”

Based on the above, he said there is construction work been done at the Tecate Bridge, one that is particularly been made over because of damage, like it was done at La Encantada Bridge or El Matanuco.

“It was completely do over, the wood structure was removed and a more solid structure took its place so everything is transported more safely, and I think that is the added value concerning the service we provide, always thinking in the crew, community and shipment safety.”

Hernandez said the railroad its located in important areas of the city because it was constructed before the city, and the community grew next to it, it was also abandoned for many years, and under the Tamayo administration it was rehabilitated for 71.4 kilometers that comprehend the Tijuana-Tecate short railroad, one that has permanent maintenance for security reasons.

“We want to make sure that are railroads are accessible, very accessible, so the goods that are entrusted in us to be transported are well taken care off, and reach their destiny,” he said.

On the other hand, he mentioned that they are working on the Safe Rail project, with the objective of installing signaletics on the most circulated crossings by drivers and pedestrians, so there is an approach with the City of Tijuana, which is responsible of it.

However, Baja Rail Controller said there are not a lot of resources by the City Governments to promote this project, a situation that occurs throughout the country, so they are doing the best they can to make the railroads safer.
“We are a very conscious company about the high responsibility we have with the city, to try to have the safest railroad we can in our stretch, investing a lot on it, for the security of the community, and our clients,” he concluded.