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The railway industry is important for the region’s economic and social growth, and maintaining the infrastructure in the best conditions as possible is our main priority as a company who operates it.

The maintenance and constant care of the rails is important in matters of safety and if it’s not performed in the correct way, it can cause future problems such as accidents, which puts the lives of the people who operate the locomotive in risk, as well as pedestrians or drivers, who somehow interact with the infrastructure. In addition, considering the company’s goals, the merchandise transported by the rails could reach its destination with a significant delay of time in case of any accident, ending up affecting the relationship with our customers.

The derailment is one of the biggest problems that is caused by carelessness and damaging of the tracks. One of the main factors that causes this problem is the water that is thrown out by the communities that live near the tracks. How can water damage the infrastructure? The tracks are supported by wooden rails called sleepers and below them is gravel that works as a water filter. However, with the passing of time, it is normal that the material wears down and if it doesn’t have this support, the water isn’t filtered causing the rails to sink, which causes the train to deviate sideways or stagnate at some point of the track.

The water reaches the rails in two ways: First, as a cause of a natural phenomenon like the rain, which is impossible to control; and secondly, because the communities living near the railways throw water directly onto the rails, a situation that is possible to change and avoid if we report the damage in a timely manner.

Currently, we have the Conservation and Maintaining of the Railways Program, which manages the freight rail care. This is yearly implemented and its first edition took place in 2015.In addition to this, the Operation and Logistics Department team performs a daily report, in which every movement in the tracks is indicated, from the revision prior to the departure, it is monitored along the way, and every incident and malfunction of any kind during the journey is registered. This is how we contribute to the care of the roads in terms of infrastructure.

But as citizens, we can also participate and take care of the freight rail’s infrastructure by following the next recommendations:

• Don’t throw water onto the rails.
• Don’t throw trash near nor in the rail.
• Collect the garbage you see near to the railway or in it.

Remember to look around before you approach to the railway, avoid accidents looking to both sides of the track and make sure that there isn’t a train near to you.

Maintainance of the railways in good conditions should be a common objective, for the industries and the citizens, cause its carefulness will allow the constantly entry of merchandise from the United States to Mexico due to the quality of the infrastructure we offer, thereby generating economic movement as a benefit for the region. Also, a free garbage railway and in perfect conditions will help to prevent accidents to citizens and people who operate the machinery that may be involve in the process. The development and wellness of the city depends of everyone, and in the subject of life safety we can also act taking care of our railways.