Z-Gas leverages the benefits of the railway in Baja California | Baja Railroad
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The company “Z-Gas”, committed to Baja California by providing LP gas to homes in different cities, commented the benefits of using the railroad to transport LPG to the state.

José María González Rivas, Chairman of the Northwest Division at Z-Gas Tijuana, highlighted that “there are plenty of advantages by transporting merchandise through the railroad, considering to the quantity and the distance traveled, the rates are convenient for the company, in addition to the good service the personnel offers”.

He emphasized that this transportation has no competition; its benefits and functionalities as a supplier are unique in the city. He also suggested to the different industries of the region in several sectors, to consider this transportation as a safe option and a reliable alternative, not forgetting the opportunities and the positive economic impact it brings.

Although the company has more than 50 years using the railroad to supply LP gas to the region, Baja California Railroad (BJRR) has been the official operator since 2012 in the Tijuana-Tecate Short Line and responsible for delivering the merchandise directly to the facilities of Z-Gas.

The Chairman of the Northwest Division pointed out that “the relationship with BJRR has been a close, satisfactory and pleasing one, due to the quality of care that the current administration provides.” He also expressed having received support for the maintenance and rehabilitation of the spur in the facilities of Z-Gas, since the flow of their merchandise is constant. Baja California Railroad has provided safety and trust by improving the railway infrastructure.

Finally, the effort and professionalism of the work teams from both companies allows the residents of Baja California to enjoy the benefits of LP gas, mainly used to heat water or cook our meals. Therefore, the railway industry is responsible for getting us one of the most important basic services in our daily life.