Garcia Station’s allows to optimize freight logistics with the United States | Baja Railroad
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Originally designed to transfer cargo materials to a storage area and then transfer it by truck to its final destination, the García Station’s infrastructure, administered by Baja California Railroad (BJRR), has allowed the commercial operations of several local companies to be optimized with the United States.

The Director of Infrastructure of BJRR, Architect Eliot Arturo Almada, explained that the station currently has two slopes that allow to carry out all the maneuvers to deposit the rail cars in suitable places and unload them in its facilities.

He said that the operation is carried out by means of software that allows them to locate where the rail car will be used and unloaded, providing a direct communication with the customer to inform him that his merchandise has arrived and the merchandise can be dismantled and stored.

“Undoubtedly, the benefit is the merchandise storage and the rail car’s direct unloading; this allows us to streamline and optimize the maneuvers to move them to wheels, since the Garcia Station has three ramps for direct rail unloading  to the warehouse and five unloading doors from the storage to the trailer”, he expressed.

The station has a storage area with approximately 3,000 square meters, an area for cold rooms of four chambers with 2,400 square feet of capacity, and a refrigerated deconsolidation area of 1,860 square feet .

Architect Eliot Almada emphasized that this allows them the versatility of having refrigerated products, also storing them and distributing them according to the customer’s needs.

In addition, Garcia Station has 2 unloading yards of 2,000 and 4,900 square meters respectively and an office area of 450 square meters for customers who require it.

Although the main commodities that are currently handled are grains and paper, the Director of Infrastructure of BJRR anticipated that in the near future, they plan to reuse the spur that is currently unused and previously used by the company Cemex, and nowadays could be used for handling anything that requires storage and direct wagon unloading.

He added that there an additional project which consists in making a spur in lateral exit to allow more storage capacity and waiting time of the wagons. Additionally, they’re working on the paving project, the installation of concrete tiles and track arrangements to complement and make the discharge of wood more efficient.