DEITAC emphasizes the importante of the railway to attract investments for the state | Baja Railroad
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In view of the need to diversify foreign investment in Baja California, The Economic and Industrial Development of Tijuana (DEITAC, by its acronym in Spanish), highlighted the importance of having a rail freight system in the entity that promotes a more efficient and dynamic transfer of products, as it is one of the primary needs of companies.

The Executive Director of the organization, Adriana Eguía Alanís, mentioned that when holding meetings for the promotion of the entity, one of the concerns of investors is the issue of road infrastructure, accesses or borders and how they can transport their materials.

“The only way is by truck or by plane, which is very expensive, but the subject of the railroad because, obviously in a matter of cost and speed, would be one of the ways to attract investment and when we say we don’t have a railroad, investors consider it significantly”, she said.

In that sense, she highlighted that it is critical to have a railway system, as this would be the trigger for sectors such as the automotive sector, since it’s a necessity for this sector for transporting auto parts and the assembly of cars would benefit from the possibilities of train.

On the other hand, she indicated that currently Baja California Railroad (BJRR) has been able to progress in this area, especially in the area of the concession of the Desert Line, which brings the region closer to a new transportation system that will speed up trade relations with the United States.

This type of projects come to make the state competitive, she said, as world-class companies seek to establish themselves in regions that have the best logistics programs to export their products to the world, so that rail freight will help attract more investments.

Finally, Eguía Alanís recalled that DEITAC is a organism constituted mainly by the private sector, which is dedicated to provide services for attracting foreign investment, mainly manufacturing, and currently on the subject of innovation.