BJRR Can Ease Logistic Process of Binational Industries | Baja Railroad
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To strengthen the transportation of goods between Mexico and The United States border, a good infrastructure is a must to provide the certainty that all materials will arrive to their final destination in good condition.

The selection of different railcars according to each commodity, according to Antonio Otañez, Operations Manager for BJRR, is fundamental for the logistics process.

With 5 year experience transporting 18 different type of commodities, BJRR can recommend the ideal car for the product of each customer.

All cars are inspected before used for transportation. Wheel and Air Tests along with hose and valve test are required. Also all side stairs have to be in use and HazMat signs have to be in their proper place.

“If we are in Mexico with imported product and are going to deliver and do not execute the required test, we can be sanction by the Railroad Regulatory Agency (the equivalent of the FRA on the US side), so every detail has to be reviewed before we leave”, quoted Antonio Otañez.

He also indicated that there are different types of Tank Cars for different commodities like Corn Syrup and LPG or Gasoline. Covered hoppers are used to transport Malt or Yellow Corn. Center Beams are for lumber, High Box Cars are for Paper Rolls and Platform are used for Metal or Heavy Machinery.