The Desert Line will strengthen Competitiveness of Cali Baja Mega Region | Baja Railroad
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“Once BJRR starts operations on The Desert Line, the logistics capacity of the Mega Region for San Diego and Baja California will be optimized”, said Flavio Olivieri, who explained he’s always supported the initiative to widen the railroad service from the West to the East coast because it creates investment opportunities for industries that require to transport high capacity loads.

Olivieri is the Director of CaliBaja BiNational MegaRegion Initiative. He also stated that the expansion of the Port of Ensenada, the Ojos Negros Airport Project, the Cross Border Express at the Tijuana airport along with the Tijuana-Tecate Short Line provides an intricate part of our region’s logistics.

“Once we recall all of our capabilities for this mega region, BJRR’s project is a very important part of our assets. We will continue supporting Baja California Railroad in their growth initiatives”.

Olivieri confirmed that the term “Cali Baja” came from the organization he presides and that’s been dedicated itself for eight years promoting economic development in the region.

In 2016 CaliBaja BiNational MegaRegion hosted The International Forum for Direct Foreign Investors, an event more reserved for cities such as Paris, Singapore or New York.

He concluded by confirming the CaliBaja organism will continue to support all growth in the region, from capital and human investments. He also stated that the private sector must get more involved on innovation and investigation because these attributes will be attractive by potential investors.