Baja California Railroad granted moments of happiness to the children community in Tijuana | Baja Railroad
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On Friday, January 6th, Baja California Railroad (BJRR) participated in Juguetón 2017, organized by TV Azteca, a national media company. This event is organized each year on the “Three Kings Day” and it consists on bringing gifts to children from several of the most vulnerable areas of the city, with the purpose of sharing to moments of joy and happiness.

This year, Baja California Railroad joined the project by facilitating the transportation of toys and staff of TV Azteca to vulnerable areas that are located near the railroad. This, in collaboration with ADMICARGA who made this possible by loaning the wagons. More than 7,000 gifts were gifted to children living in areas like El Niño, Villas de Monterrey, La Morita and Valle Redondo.

Before departing Estación Tijuana, while the toys were being loaded, Mr. Roberto Romandía, Director of Baja California Railroad, shared a message to the community and expressed his interest in helping the vulnerable sectors of the city, highlighting the interest of the company to continue participating in these activities.

The toy loading finalized with the support from staff of Baja California Railroad and TV Azteca, and the departure was characterized with great enthusiasm from the collaborators. The 4 location points to be visited were selected previously by Tv Azteca and the Operations and Logistics Manager of BJRR, Mr. Antonio Otañez for safety and control purposes.

At each stop, there were more than 100 children, who were looking forward to the arrival of the train. When we arrived, the volunteers organized them in rows to facilitate the delivery of the toys. There was support received from officials of the Public Security Office, in order to have better control of the delivery logistic in each point.

Certainly, the admiration and appreciation the community has for the train was evident. Finally, the gift-giving was accomplished by witnessing the happiness on girls and boys faces, as well as their families who were grateful for the Baja California Railroad and TV Azteca team.