Understanding Baja Railroad’s operating procedures in the Tijuana-Tecate Short Line | Baja Railroad
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Baja California Railroad, railroad operations, works under an established process, which supports quality, safety and efficiency in the transportation of merchandise.
This is achieved through the use of the guidelines established in our “Operating Procedure” manual used by the Operations and Logistics team. This guide regulates the departure, journey and arrival of the load units, as well as the machine’s status. It also establishes the railways guidelines of use and operation, covering topics from which uniforms should be worn, to the tools to be used by those who operate the machines.

Iván Verdugo Rizo, railroad dispatcher in Baja Railroad, said: “complying this guidelines allows the staff to take the necessary precautions in order to carry out without putting the operational personnel’s safety at risk and preventing accidents, as well as caring for citizens who interact with the railways or the train.”

Part of the routine tasks is to make a list of actions and a detailed review of each machine in different aspects, for instance: Ensuring that the unit is able to commute and having the necessary tools to fix or repair the machinery if required.

Additional to this is the engine’s cleaning and the review of the official documents, which authorize the merchandise transfer.

Within the dynamics of operation and thanks to the team of Baja California Railroad, the customer can know their merchandise status, whether the units are on time and meet the criteria, or its location. All units are tracked by the Operations and Logistics department of Baja California Railroad for efficiency and safety, each time calculating more accurately in the estimated time of arrival.

As citizens, we get to see how the train commutes through city’s railways without actually acknowledging the great work and the operation that is performed the effort and compliance of a high-performing work team. Baja California Railroad works with efficient logistics and operation on a daily basis, allowing the transportation of merchandise on both sides of the border and ensuring a qualified and reliable service for the industry in the region.