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This past July 14th, BJRR actively participated in Emergency Drills during the National Day for Awareness and Quick Response on Chemical Emergencies.

Company COO Roberto Romandia mentioned that these workshops and drills are offered by PROFEPA (EPA in Mexico) at a national level to promote awareness of environmental protection and application of the System of the Commands of Incidents (SCI).

These exercises are intended to assure the correct use of both human and material resources in case of a chemical emergency. The drills include arming of decontamination tubs in case of spillage or leakage of Hazardous Materials, first aid and decontamination of both people and affected areas.

“These security measures because BJRR transports quantities of Hazardous Materials and in the very near future will be hauling Hydrocarbons (Diesel, Gasolines and Jet Fuel) by train and need to establish protocol and procedures in case of spills or leaks of these materials”.

Romandia also commented that right now, their locomotives crews are trained for quick response on emergencies in case of fires arising from LPG.

He stated that all drills include personnel from Red Cross, Police and Fire Department, Armed Forces and other participants.

Lastly, he stated the importance of offering BJRR’s customers security for their freight commodities while being transported by rail, especially Hazardous Materials while minimizing the effect in case of accident to the environment.