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BJRR knows and understands the importance of taking care of the more than 15 different commodities they transport. These include grains, liquids, lumber, plastic and Hazardous Materials, among others.

The Operations and Logistics Department of BJRR is in charge of implementing and supervising all security procedures for transporting goods through the Tijuana Tecate Short Line: “Safety Comes First” at BJRR.

All BJRR crews are certified to operate in Mexico and in the United States, all Hazardous or Non Hazardous Materials. A strict protocol is in effect not only for transportation and loading and unloading of goods, but also in case of any emergencies.

The Stations along the Tijuana Tecate Short Line have security personnel 24/7 and are protected by perimeter fencing, assuring customers that their goods are being kept safe.

Antonio Otañez, Operations Manager for BJRR makes sure that all safety and operational procedures comply with SCT requirements in Mexico and FRA in the United States.

Also in place is an Internal Regulations and Procedures Manual designed to reinforce SCT and FRA compliance.

Each commodity that is transported requires specific safety protocols while being transported or unloaded that are previously discussed with each customer, assuring at all times the safety of both merchandise and BJRR employees.


Lastly, Mr. Otañez commented that crossing freight to and from both sides of the Mexico/US Border always presents a certain risk factor, so keeping in constant contact with Customs Authorities from Mexico and the US is very important, especially when possible safety issued are detected.

For this purposes, BJRR has established, along with SAT (Mexican Customs) and CBP (US Customs) the following procedure: A) Cars are inspected by BJRR personnel. B) SAT uses its K-9 Units for inspection before entering the US and C) Once cars are entering the US, CBP also uses K-9 Units for inspections, along with Gamma Ray Inspection Equipment. If products are Grain or other such products, they are fumigated before entering Mexico.

Without a doubt, using BJRR as your transportation and logistics carrier for heavy loads travelling long distances is your best option.