San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce Highlights The Rehabilitation of The Desert Line | Baja Railroad
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Vice-president of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, Paola Avila recognized The Desert Line Project as one of the projects that the Chamber carries as a highlight that will bring more competitiveness for the region.

Interviewed at the Cali Baja Cargo Rail Binational Forum, Paola Avila confirmed that the project, along with the construction of The Otay II Crossing, will bring new investment to the region.

She remembered how in recent visits to US and Mexico City investors showed interest in this region because of The Desert Line.

She also mentioned how the delays at border crossing for commercial trucks were long and expensive, and that the railroad was a good option for saving time and money.

Paola Avila added that this project is environmentally friendly, meaning that for each railcar it can take an average of four less trucks on the highway.

“We feel along with our friends across the border that these two Binational Projects will be huge economic detonators on both sides of the border”.